Parent/Guardian Survey Results

Inclusion is the student’s feeling of belonging, in a community of learning that honours equality, student diversity, and spiritual respect.

For the third year in a row, SEAC (the Special Education Advisory Committee) supported an outreach initiative encouraging both Elementary and Secondary parents/guardians to participate in an anonymous survey intended to gauge their understanding and comfort level in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. Approximately 3000 surveys were distributed and over 399 were completed and returned.

The survey questions were rated on a scale from “completely satisfied” to “not at all satisfied”.

Approximately 82% of the parents/guardians at both the elementary and secondary levels were either completely satisfied or very much satisfied with their overall IEP experience from the stage of development to implementation of the IEP.

Parents had an opportunity to provide written responses and commented that Niagara Catholic:

  • Has a very helpful and supportive staff;
  • Is exceptional at communication

In an effort to support further survey findings Student Achievement K-12 Special Education Department will continue to:

  • Increase parental contact by the classroom teacher at the secondary level
  • Increase the number of resources to assist the classroom teacher

Student Achievement K-12 Special Education