12 Days of Caring at St. Gabriel Lalemant Catholic Elementary School

Primary students at St. Gabriel Lalemant Catholic Elementary School are celebrating Advent by giving back.

Students in Grades 1, 2 and 3 have created The 12 Days of Caring, with each day involving a special activity that begins with the letter C. They’ve even created a special 12 Days of Caring song:

On the first day of caring, we deliver something sweet, Candy canes are such a lovely treat!

On the second day of caring, we will try something new, In the gym, some coffee, that we brew!

On the third day of caring, we gather and we fold, Cozy, warm socks for the homeless and cold!

On the fourth day of caring, we find the cupboards bare, So we will collect food others have to spare!

On the fifth day of caring, we’d like for you to share, By throwing in some coins you have to spare!

On the sixth day of caring, it’s easy, yes indeed, Donating clothes to those in need!

On the seventh day of caring, we think of Christ and pray, At our church on a Cold December day!

On the eighth day of caring, we thank our awesome staff, Some freshly baked cookies will surely make them smile and laugh!

On the ninth day of caring, we think of those shut in, And create pictures to help them smile and grin!

On the tenth day of caring, we don’t have to venture far, To place something special on your car!

On the eleventh day of caring, you will find cards made from the heart, To our senior friends, we bring our finest art!

On the twelfth day of caring, we end our days with cheer, By celebrating with parents and friends who are so dear!

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