Long-Term Accommodation Plan 2016-2021

The Niagara Catholic Long Term Accommodation Plan provides the Niagara Catholic District School Board with a direction in relation to the utilization of schools, aligned with the Mission, Vision and Values of the Board. The direction with respect to Board school facilities recognizes that our Catholic schools are an integral part of vibrant and healthy communities. The Niagara Catholic District School Board is committed to ensuring that students are educated in the highest quality schools maximizing the use of Board facilities through pupil enrolment and the engagement of community partners.

The plan provides transparent information to Board staff, municipalities, the public and potential partners. Changing demographics, enrolment and program offerings such as Specialist High Skills Major Programs and French Immersion can challenge the ability of a school board to effectively manage resources impacting the need for school facilities. Based on the enrolment information provided, the Niagara Catholic Long Term Accommodation Plan outlines potential short, medium and long term strategies to address accommodation issues and should be regularly reviewed and revised. Such strategies include Pupil Accommodation Reviews, Attendance Area Reviews, applications to the Ministry of Education for capital construction, pursuing partnerships, potential relocations and introduction of French Immersion programming. Capital considerations, such as the condition of the facility under review, will need to be factored in to the decision making process.

The Niagara Catholic District School Board Long-Term Accommodation Plan is available here.