Acts of Kindness Every Day at Niagara Catholic


Acts of Kindness Every Day Across Niagara Catholic

Random Act of Kindness Day was November 1, and we did a lot to promote our Mary’s Meals activities. But here’s a story we think you’ll enjoy, courtesy of Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School, which exemplifies life across Niagara Catholic.

Finn Pender-Chapman is a peer tutor, described by his teacher as kind, caring and helpful to all of the students in the Special Education program. However, his actions on RAK Day went far beyond a “Random Act of Kindness.”

During his lunch hour, Finn dropped into the Special Education area, where he came across a student named Brooklynne. Her entire vocabulary consists of seven words, but she made it clear she wanted to go for a walk with him and her parenting baby, as one of her classmates was doing with another Peer Tutor. Finn did not miss a beat, immediately volunteering to take Brooklynne for her walk. He was totally cool, walking down the hallway, with Brooklynne, carrying her very large pink baby bag, alongside a baby stroller with the parenting baby. Staff and students said she was so happy walking down the hall, getting attention from anyone she could to show off her “parenting baby.” This is Finn. This is what kindness, respect and acceptance is. His only thought was about doing something nice for Brooklynne.

This is the kind of faith in action you see in Niagara Catholic schools and sites every single day. We put the teachings of Jesus and the words of Mother Teresa “do small things with great love,” into practice in all we do.

This is what Catholic education is all about.

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