Administrative Procedures – Home Schooling – Ministry Policy/Program Memorandum No. 131

Adopted: February 18, 2003
Revised: September 29, 2008

  1. BACKGROUNDThe Director of Education has established Administrative Procedures for the implementation of Home Schooling. Policy Program Memorandum No. 131 is available at the following website address:
  • Parents, who decide to provide Home Schooling, must notify the Board of their intent in writing to the Superintendent of Education, with a copy to the School Principal on an annual basis prior to September 1 of the school year.
  • The name(s), gender, and date of birth, telephone number and address of the home are to be included.
  • Parents will sign the letter.
  • Parents may use the attached Appendix B: Sample Parent/Guardian Letter – Indicating Notification of Intent to Provide Home Schooling to notify the Board.

    Niagara Catholic District School Board

  • When parents have provided written notification of their intent to provide Home Schooling, the Board shall consider the child to be excused under 21(2) clause (a) of the Education Act (see Appendix A).
  • The Board shall accept the written notification of the parents each year as evidence that the parents are willing to provide “satisfactory instruction at home”, until there are reasonable grounds to suspect otherwise.
  • The Board shall send a letter each year to the parents, acknowledging the notification.
  • The Board shall use the attached Appendix C: Sample Letter – In Response to a Parent’s Notification.

    Investigation of Home Schooling

    If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the child is not receiving “satisfactory instruction” at home, the Board shall investigate to determine whether instruction is satisfactory.

    Possible Reasons for An Investigation of Home Schooling

  • A parent has not notified the Board in writing of the intent to provide Home Schooling.
  • A credible report has been received from a third party regarding the instruction.
  • Evidence has been provided that the child was removed because of ongoing conflicts.
  • The student has a history of absenteeism.
    1. In this document, parents refer to parent(s) and guardian(s).

    Guidelines for Conducting an Investigation

    The Board may arrange an official meeting with the family or ask the parent to submit information about Home Schooling in writing. A member of a recognized support group for parents, from one of the Home Schooling Support Associations, may be present when a Board is conducting an investigation.

    If a Board chooses a written submission from the parent/guardian, board officials may ask the parent to complete a form such as the attached Appendix D: Sample Form for Gathering Information in an Investigation.


    Key Contacts For specific questions regarding program and service matters, please contact:

Curriculum The Niagara Catholic District School Board provides access to all parents to the Ministry of Education Ontario curriculum. It is also available at the Ministry of Education website

Requests for Ministry of Education materials and Religion and Family Life resources are processed through the Board at extension 222.

Part-Time Enrolment It is preferred for students to be enrolled full-time. If a parent requests part-time enrolment, arrangements must be made with the Principal of the student’s community school. Part-time student expectations in regards to attendance, course work, and assessment and evaluation, are the same as for all students. The student will be enrolled on the part-time register.

Full-Time Enrolment / Return to School Should a home schooler wish to return to school on a full-time basis, parents need to meet with the Principal of the home school. The principal will determine whether an assessment will be required for educational placement.

For secondary placement, the Ministry of Education’s General Educational development (GED) is a testing service for high school equivalency and is available by visiting the Independent Learning Centre (ILC)  website or by telephone at 1-800-575-7022.