Alexander Kuska Teacher Named Teacher of the Year

Frank Nelson, in back, wants to give back before his life is cut short by cancer. He created a Teacher of the Year Award to celebrate the ways in which teachers enrich the lives of students. Jessica Torres, whose daughter is in Sarah Dmytrow's class, nominated Mrs. Dmytrow for the Award and was delighted to learn she had won. Mr. Nelson visited Mrs. Dmytrow's class at Alexander Kuska Catholic Elementary School recently to present her with $1,000.

Frank Nelson, in back, visited Sarah Dmytrow’s class at Alexander Kuska Catholic Elementary School to present her with a cheque for $1,000 for being Teacher of the Year through his Pay it Back page on Facebook.

Congratulations to Sarah Dmytrow, a Grade 3 teacher at Alexander Kuska Catholic Elementary School, who was recently named Teacher of the Year in an online competition.

Mrs. Dmytrow was nominated for the Pay it Back Teacher of the Year Award by Jessica Torres, whose daughter Jade is in Mrs. Dmytrow’s class.  In her nomination form, Mrs. Torres spoke very highly of the many ways in which Mrs. Dmytrow goes above and beyond with the students in her classroom, and about the love her daughter has for Mrs. Dmytrow.

“Mrs. Dmytrow has truly awakened Jade’s sense of self-worth and wonderment in learning,” says Mrs. Torres.  “For the first time ever Jade has been wanting to read on her own, to us, and out loud.  Before being in Mrs. Dmytrow’s class, this would have never happened.”

The Pay it Back Teacher of the Year Award was created by Frank Nelson, who is battling cancer and wants to give back to the community in the time he has left. Mr. Nelson travelled to Welland recently to present Mrs. Dmytrow with a cheque for $1,000.

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