Mary Hendriks

mary-hendriksMary Hendriks was a primary teacher at St. John Catholic Elementary School in Beamsville; then chose to stay at home to raise her children. However, she remained active in their schools as a volunteer.

In 1979, Mrs. Hendriks was elected as trustee for Grimsby on the Lincoln County Roman Catholic Separate School Board and Chaired that Board for two difficult years during the struggle for full funding for Catholic education in Ontario. In 1992, Mrs. Hendriks was elected to a two-year term as President of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association (OCSTA), during which time she played a key role in negotiating equitable funding, which changed the landscape of Catholic education in Ontario.

Throughout her 18 years as a trustee, Mrs. Hendriks was a driving force in the push to have a Catholic high school in West Niagara, even when many believed one to be unnecessary.

As a result of her unswerving faith that a Catholic secondary school was needed in West Niagara, today Blessed Trinity Catholic Elementary School in Grimsby boasts an enrolment of 916 students who are proud to attend school at “The Thunderdome.”

Inducted April 19, 2013