Rev. Monsignor Clement Schwalm

Reverend  Monsignor Clement Schwalm was appointed by Bishop James Cardinal McGuigan to establish a new St. Alfred Parish in the north end of St. Catharines. He served as first pastor of the church from 1951-1960 and welcomed students into the first St. Alfred Catholic Elementary School, which was located in the church basement.Rev-monsignor-clement-schwalm

Monsignor Schwalm organized and directed the activity of the Grantham Separate School Board. Over a period of eight years as the Board’s Secretary-Treasurer, Rev. Monsignor Schwalm organized the land for the purchase and construction of four new Catholic elementary schools: St. Alfred School on Vine Street (now Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School) in 1953, Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School in 1954, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Elementary School in 1955, and the current St. Alfred Catholic Elementary School in 1956.

Monsignor Schwalm also helped a drive to build a sports and community centre for families in the St. Alfred parish community, and so, in 1959 the Saint Alfred Sports and Community Centre was built.

Inducted: January 27, 2012