Sisters of St. Martha


The Congregation of The Sisters of St. Martha of Prince Edward Island was founded in 1916 by Bishop Henry O’Leary, for works in the Diocese of Charlottetown. Later, work was undertaken in several parts of Canada and the United States, as well as missionary work in Central America.

The Sisters of St. Martha first came to the Niagara region in 1960 to work with the Holy Cross Fathers. Soon after, they began teaching at Notre Dame College School in Welland. They remained there until 1997.

In 1963, the Sisters were invited to the newly opened Holy Name Catholic Elementary School in Welland and remained there until 1982. Also during this period of time a Sister taught at St. Augustine Catholic  Elementary School in Welland. It was with reluctance that the Sisters of St. Martha withdrew from Welland in 1998.

Inducted: February 4, 2005