Father Tony Returns for Grade 7 Faith Festival

There’s one thing for sure if you’re in Grade 7 – you do NOT want to be sick or away from school at the end of April, or you might miss a visit from Father Tony.

For the uninitiated, Father Tony is Father Tony Ricard, one of the most dynamic, charismatic and downright inspiring priests you’ll ever encounter. He began his vocation as a teacher in his native New Orleans (N’Awlins), then decided to enter the priesthood. He’s the Catholic chaplain for the New Orleans Saints, led his congregation through the dark days during and after Hurricane Katrina and has made his way back to school, teaching and leading young men at St. Augustine High School, the all-boys parochial school he attended. After a decade of visiting Niagara Catholic as a guest speaker and presenter, he’s more than just a friend, he’s part of the family!

Father Tony brings his faith to life, and it’s incredible to watch the Holy Spirit come alive in students as he speaks. Here are a few photos of Father Tony and the students. Jump to our Facebook and Instagram pages for some video links, too.


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