Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Receives $3,000 Technology Grant for Special Needs Students

Last year, Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Photography teacher Catherine Chin Yet saw first-hand how providing students in the school’s Special Education program with access to technology expanded their world.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Chin Yet applied for a technology grant from Best Buy Canada, which awards funds to schools across the country to purchase technology for their various programs. In early 2017, Holy Cross learned it was one of 16 schools in Canada which would receive funding. The $3,000 received was used to purchase cameras and accessories which would be dedicated to the Special Education program.

On March 29, a celebration took place in the chapel at Holy Cross. It included several teachers, students in the Special Education program and representatives from Best Buy Canada. It was a joyful celebration, with lots of music and testimonials from students who participated in the photography program last year.


Students in the Special Education Program are very excited with the $3,000 worth of new camera equipment they were able to buy thanks to a grant from Best Buy Canada.


Students are able to express themselves in different ways through art, music and, now, photography.

Check out a videoof students singing Bruno Mars’ Best Friendship Song Ever on our Facebook page. We guarantee it will make you smile.

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