Holy Name Catholic Elementary Students Raise $3,000 for Africa

Students from Holy Name Catholic Elementary School were part of Niagara Catholic’s contingent to WE Day last fall. They returned inspired, and decided that, in addition to the Holy Childhood Walk and many other local fundraisers they do for their local community, they would do a fundraiser for a developing nation.

They came up with the idea of selling Rafiki bracelets, made by women in Africa. There are a variety of bracelets representing different aspects of life: Health, education, water, food and income, and students hoped to sell 100 of the $10 bracelets, to send $1,000 to Africa through the Me to We Foundation.

Throughout January, the students promoted and sold bracelets, shattering their goal by raising $3,020 for the women who make the bracelets, and their communities.

Check out the experience in their own words here.

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