Lakeshore Catholic Student 2014 Music! Not Mischief Champion

Jessica Leslie, a 16-year-old Grade 10 student at Lakeshore Catholic High School, is the 2014 winner of the Music! Not Mischief competition, an initiative of the Toronto Police Service which has now grown to include much of the Greater Toronto Area, including the Niagara peninsula.


Jessica Leslie is joined onstage by Lakeshore Catholic High School Principal Glenn Gifford and others during the Music! Not Mischief Guitar competition in Toronto.

Jessica was the only Niagara representative in the event.

The focus of the competition is to partner students with police officers in their community to promote the way in which they can create a stronger community for everyone. The students in the program and police may have many differences, but share one thing – a love of music, in particular, of playing the guitar. For the event, Jessica was paired with Niagara Regional Police Constable Shawn Cuke, and the two spent time together talking about life and putting together some hot licks on the guitar.

Const. Cuke will be the first one to say it – Jessica’s by far the better player.

That was clear during the competition in Toronto on April 30, when Jessica’s jam secured her a perfect score from the judges, including Mark Holmes and Dan Todd from 80s Canadian rock band Platinum Blonde, Toronto City Councillors Mark Grimes and Sarah Doucette and Mark Carpalli, CEO of Carpalli Guitars and co-founder of the event.

Jessica was presented with the guitar she played in the concert as her prize.

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