Niagara Catholic Elementary Cross Country Competition

useforwebThe 2013 Niagara Catholic Elementary Cross Championships took place at Queenston Heights on October 17th.  Top 10 competitors from all six Sport Councils across the system competed in grade-level races.

In the spirit of Niagara Catholic’s Play Like a Champion tradition, a special note of recognition goes out to Aidan Stania, a Grade 8 student/athlete from St. George Catholic Elementary School. Aiden was a front runner in his race when he stopped to aid a fellow runner who fell heavily on the course.  Aidan not only provided great support to the injured runner, he insisted on completing the race even though it would make him the last to finish. That is the true spirit of Play Like a Champion. Congratulations to Aidan for his selflessness on the running course. 

The Top 10 competitors from each race were:

Grade 4 Girls: Natalie Picton (St. Kevin); Ella O’Connor (Assumption); Gabriella DiPietro (St. Andrew); Kiyona Hall (Mother Teresa); Thea Lawson (Alexander Kuska); Faith Ruber (St. Elizabeth);Mary Hellwig (St. Peter); Rylee Dominey (St. Alfred); Asheligh Schryer (St. Philomena); Brianna Sigurdson (St. Kevin).

Grade 4 Boys: Mason Petrucci (Canadian Martyrs); Matthew D’Onofrio (St. Edward); Luke Gualtieri (St. Alexander); Leo Williston (Alexander Kuska); Quinton Fazari (St. Kevin); Owen Mehlenbacher (St. Joseph Snyder); Jack Hale (Monsignor Clancy); Jacob Leblanc (Holy Name); Christian Blaylock (Father Hennepin); Aidan Reynolds (St. Theresa).

Grade 5 Girls: Alissa Mete (Alexander Kuska); Olivia Book (St. John); Allyson Sentance (Monsignor Clancy); Rylan Geatrix (Mary Ward); Lily Watt (Mother Teresa); Maria MacLean (St. Vincent de Paul); Sharon Peiris (St. Denis); Lauren Knafele (St. Ann Fenwick); Julia Prescott (Michael J. Brennan); Ella Muraca (Our Lady of Fatima Grimsby).

Grade 5 Boys: Anthony Piccirillo (St. Vincent de Paul); Dylan Pergentile (St. John); Emile Zanuttini (St. Alexander); Brendan Damiano (Canadian Martyrs); Isaac Ludwig (St. Anthony), Mason Arbic (Our Lady of Victory); Owen Kelley (Our Lady of Victory); Matthew Stranges (St. Vincent de Paul); Thomas Brooks (St. Vincent de Paul); Zack Veld (St. Anthony).

Grade 6 Girls: Josephine Severin (Cardinal Newan); Avery Penner (St. Michael); Emma Penner (St. Michael); Ava Lawson (Alexander Kuska); Hannah Bleakley (Alexander Kuska); Savannah Maye (St. Alfred); Adeline Willett (Our Lady of Victory); Alicia Mutch (Assumption); Julia Tara (St. George); Julia Brgan (Mother Teresa).

Grade 6 Boys: Kyle Cameron (Mother Teresa); Matteo Lalama (St. Peter); Kyle Hannon (St. Kevin); Thomas Gualtieri (St. Alexander); Isaac McDonald (St. Christopher); Adam Goss (St. Patrick Port Colborne); Devin Marques (Our Lady of Victory); Sam Nolan (Mother Teresa); Ben Klassen (St. John); Daunte Wruck (Our Lady of Fatima Grimsby).

Grade 7 Girls: Taylor Nicholls (St. Mary); Giuliana Gervasio (St. Peter); Justine Barnsley (St. Alexander); Mia DiPasquale (Our Lady of Fatima Grimsby); Mackenzie Damiano (Canadian Martyrs); Olivia Mete (Alexander Kuska); Brenna Timmins (Monsignor Clancy); Margaret Taras (St. George); Eva Distefano (St. Alexander); Andrea Miotto (Monsignor Clancy).

Grade 7 Boys: Nick Young (Mother Teresa); Joey Carone (St. Michael); Matteo Cimato (St. Vincent de Paul); Luka Peso (Canadian Martyrs); Alex Root (St. Kevin); Jared Mines (St. Michael); Phillip Frey (St. Patrick Port Colborne); Patryk Solomin (St. Alfred); Brendan Nguyen (Canadian Martyrs); Lucas Kaufmann (Cardinal Newman).

Grade 8 Girls: Cate Gualtieri (St. Alexander); Maddy McArthur (St. Peter); Julie Schuster (St. Mark); Abby Nickerson (Our Lady of Fatima Grimsby); Hannah Whitelaw (St. Martin); Carlee Iby (Loretto Catholic); Taylor Montgomery (St. Ann Fenwick); Tori Hendriks (St. John); Shelby Parker (Assumption); Linsay Horton (St. Ann Fenwick).

Grade 8 Boys: Tyler Angle (Monsignor Clancy); Zach Browne (St. Alexander); Drew Ruigrok (St. John); Neil Kennedy (St. Alexander); Dalton Malaschenko (St. Ann Fenwick); Jake Casciano (St. Vincent de Paul); Reece Parker (Assumption); Juan Giatan (Holy Name); Jacob Barnowski (Mother Teresa); Roy Etherington (Our Lady of Fatima St. Catharines).

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