Niagara Catholic Fetes Youngest “Teachers” at Roots of Empathy Celebration

The school year came to a close for more than 30 young teachers on Wednesday – the tiny instructors offering students across Niagara valuable life lessons about empathy.

The annual Roots of Empathy Year-End Baby Celebration took place at Alexander Kuska Catholic Elementary School on June 1, and it was about as noisy and adorable as you’d expect a room filled with more than 30 babies and their parents would be.

Congratulations to the following Niagara Catholic Child and Youth Workers who were recognized at the event with certificates for their years of participation in the program: Elissa Annunziata (10 years); Diana Armenti-Sadonoja (10 years); Karen Belcastro (10 years); Kim Cardamone  (5 years); Linda Gilbert (10 years); Kelly Gillis (10 years); Kimberly Guthorel (5 years); Patricia Kostyk (5 years); Alma Martinez-Cook (5 years); Katherine Perry (5 years); Sandra Phillipson (5 years); Sue Starks (five years) and Jamie VanKlinken (10 years).

Click through the photo gallery for today’s dose of adorable. These faces are guaranteed to make you smile!

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