Niagara Catholic Fourth Annual Spelling Bee

Niagara Catholic held its fourth annual Spelling Bee at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School on November 21st. Forty-eight spellers took part in this year’s competition, working their way through a total of 12 rounds before Brooke Edwards, a Grade 8 student at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Snyder, was declared the 2013 winner. Brooke successfully spelled the word “invertebrate” to win the competition.

Theresa George, a Grade 8 student at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School in Grimsby, finished second, after being eliminated by misspelling the word “dystopia.” Jennifer Garrison, a Grade 7 student at St. Therese Catholic Elementary School in Port Colborne and Edward Nardini, a Grade 7 student at St. Martin Catholic Elementary School in Smithville, tied for third.

Thank you to the Niagara Catholic staff who organized this event, and to the staff at our schools and parents at home who prepared the students for the competition. And a special thanks to the many students who took part in spelling bees in their schools for their hard work and commitment to  learning so many challenging new words.

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