Niagara Catholic Inspires Thinkers

Secondary school students had the opportunity to learn from people at the top of their professions during the Inspiring Thinkers Conference at Brock University on April 28 and 29.

On April 28, students with a passion for writing learned from a variety of different writers, from newspaper reporters to songwriters and published authors. Joseph Boyden, a novelist and short-story writer was the keynote speaker, while Gord Deppe (songwriter, The Spoons, and author of his recent autobiography SpoonFed), reporter Grant LaFleche (The Standard) and Diana Zlomislic (The Star), and novelists Richard Scrimger (a variety of genres, including kids’, young adult and adult fiction) and Antanas Sileika (adult fiction) who are also writing teachers, rounded out the speakers for the day.

On April 29, the focus shifted to mathematics, and secondary students interested in mathematics participated in a seminar led by George W. Hart, a research professor, interdisciplinary sculptor at Stony Brook University. During the session, the students were engaged in the creative build of a 3-D mathematical sculpture, as he explained the shapes and patterns needed for its creation. Other speakers for the day included Niagara Catholic’s Superintendent of Business and Financial Services Giancarlo Vetrone, William Jones, a graduate of Saint Paul Catholic High School, Niagara Catholic Distinguished Alumni and engineer and MBA, and Andrew Theissen, a land surveyor.

This event is another way that Niagara Catholic strives to provide students with leaders and innovative thinkers, to help them as they work toward the next journey in their lives.

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