Niagara Catholic Kicks Off National Volunteer Week with a Salute to Volunteers Breakfast

The Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast is an annual tradition at Niagara Catholic; our way of thanking volunteers for the hundreds and hundreds of ways they bring life to our schools.

This year, more than 250 volunteers were feted in a breakfast event at the Holiday Inn in St. Catharines on April 11, to celebrate the start of National Volunteer Week in Canada. The musical entertainment for the day was provided by Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School’s band, choir and Samba Band. Under the dynamic leadership of J. P. Dupont, the students ensured everyone was wide awake for the celebration.

Father Paul noted that by giving a gift in return for receiving a gift takes away its value. In that spirit, he hastened to note that the breakfast shared among the 350 people in attendance on Monday morning were not being given the gift of a breakfast in return for their services. Rather, it was a celebration of the strong friendship between everyone in the room.

Following breakfast, volunteers were presented with certificates and special Volunteer pins.

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