Niagara Catholic Welcomes Mary’s Meals Founder to Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School

Mary’s Meals, an international charity which provides one hot meal a day to students in their schools in developing nations around the world, has a close tie to Niagara Catholic, and an even closer tie to Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls.

When we were asked if we would consider hosting an evening with Mary’s Meals founder Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, who was visiting Canada and the United States as part of his book tour to promote his book, The Shed that Fed a Million Children, it took about a split second to agree. We also knew the event would take place at Sacred Heart Catholic, which is where Mary’s Meals Canada got its start through the incredible heart and dedication of the late Bridgid Davidson, an Educational Resource at the school.

During the presentation, Mr. MacFarlane-Barrow shared his motivational story of how he came to found Mary’s Meals, and what propels him to continue. He held a question-and-answer session afterward, and we were delighted with the number of questions from young people in the audience.

Following the presentation, Mr. MacFarlane-Barrow had to return to Toronto for his final interviews about his new book, but we were delighted to have been able to arrange a final treat for him: Niagara Falls was turned blue for 15 minutes, in honour of Mary’s Meals. The casino and the Skylon Tower were also bathed in blue for the organization. To see photos, visit our Facebook page.

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