Notre Dame College School Ontario’s Second Fair Trade School

Notre Dame College School has been named Ontario’s second Fair Trade School by the Canadian Fair Trade Network – and is only the 13th school in the country to have obtained this prestigious designation.

The announcement was made on Valentine’s Day, and students at Notre Dame College celebrated their big news by selling fair trade flowers and chocolates to their sweeties and secret crushes during the last period of the day.

Notre Dame has had an active Fair Trade Club since 2006, when students returned from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and learned about the impact of fair trade alliances on people who live and work there. Fair trade is an important aspect of social justice at Notre Dame, and the Club hosts many events around the fair trade theme throughout the school year, including Fair Trade Day, which will take place in May.

According to its website, the Canadian Fair Trade Network is a national non-profit organization that works to engage Canadians on the impacts of our every day decisions. Their goal is the creation of a fair, sustainable world. Congratulations to Notre Dame for being designated a Fair Trade School.

Read the full announcement by the Canadian Fair Trade Network here.

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