Orange Shirt Day at Niagara Catholic


Grade 5 students at Father Hennepin Catholic Elementary School (from left) Jade Busch, Malinda Lamontagne and Ben Fusco played a key role in creating this informative bulletin board about Orange Shirt Day.

Niagara Catholic marked Orange Shirt Day on September 30, in honour and recognition of Aboriginal students who attended Canada’s residential schools.

Students in schools across the system learned about the impact the residential schools had on Aboriginal students and their families, and the lasting legacy the schools had on the fabric of Canadian society.

At Father Hennepin Catholic Elementary school, Grade 5 students Jade (last name), Malinda (last name) and Ben (last name created a billboard filled with orange shirts and information about Canada’s residential schools.

Students from Catholic secondary schools joined staff at the Catholic Education Centre to hear Sherlene Bomberry talk about her experience in a family separated residential schools, and the impact it continues to have on her family today. This presentation was done in partnership with local Native Friendship Centres, and coordinated by students within the Board.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to mark this very important day.

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