Policy Vetting and Tracking

Policy Vetting and Tracking

In keeping with Niagara Catholic’s commitment to openness and transparency, the Board has established an extensive vetting process for its policies.

As part of the vetting process, Niagara Catholic students, parents, guardians, staff, SEAC, NCPIC, Diocese of St. Catharines and members of the Niagara Catholic community are invited to submit their feedback.

Once the vetting process is completed, the feedback received is taken into consideration by Senior Administrative Council. A summary of the vetting and any revisions to the policy are presented to the Policy Committee for consideration and recommendation to the Committee of the Whole. Once approved by the Committee of the Whole, the policy is then forwarded to the Board for consideration and final approval.

Policy Vetting

The following Policies and Administrative Guidelines are currently being reviewed as part of the cyclical Policy and Administrative Guidelines Review process.

To be considered, all submissions must identify the specific policy and include your name, phone number, address and affiliation with Niagara Catholic.

Anonymous or pseudonymous submissions will not be considered

Please submit your feedback to jennifer.pellegrini@ncdsb.com by November 11, 2019