The Intermediate Division includes Grades Seven and Eight.

As we continue to prepare our students along their Catholic education journey, our teaching strategies and methodologies are tailored to meet each student’s unique learning style.

Our Intermediate students share their time and talents, not only among their school communities through volunteer activities, but also with our community partners. This prepares them for the Sacrament of Confirmation and for their transition into their Secondary years.

Preparing For Secondary School

Niagara Catholic students are given a variety of opportunities to visit and become acquainted with their associate secondary schools. These opportunities provide students with a sense of familiarity, belonging, comfort and confidence, so that the transition into high school becomes a positive experience.

Student Success Teachers for the secondary schools visit their elementary “feeder” schools and meet with students, parents and teachers. Some of the activities that our Grade 8 students are involved in are:

  • Grade 8 Day at the associate Catholic secondary school
  • Sporting events such as football and basketball
  • Guest speakers
  • Plays and Musicals
  • Parent Information Night
  • Open House
  • Option Sheet visitation
  • Initiatives To Enhance Learning

In addition to the excellent programs offered at Niagara Catholic, students have the opportunity to participate in activities and initiatives that enhance their learning.

Heritage Fair
The Niagara Catholic Heritage Fair is an educational initiative that provides an opportunity for students in elementary schools (starting in the Junior division) to explore any aspect of Canadian heritage and history in a dynamic and captivating learning environment. Niagara Catholic’s Heritage Fair takes place every April, and is held in co-operation with educators, local businesses, museums, heritage groups and community associations.

Speak Out!
Speak Out involves speech writing and a presentation opportunity that prepares our students in the skill of oral communication. Under the guidance of classroom teachers and with support from home, all junior and intermediate students complete a speech on a topic of their choice and present it to classmates. Classroom representatives compete at the school level and winners then move on to one of four site competitions. Winners from each site are then invited to a Showcase at the Catholic Education Centre.

To tap into the interests of our word fanatics, Niagara Catholic hosts an Annual Niagara Catholic District Scrabble Tournament. This tournament is open to all students at the Junior and Intermediate levels. Students have the opportunity to hone their word power skills at school and are also encouraged to practise at home before the big tournament challenge.

Science Fair
All the budding scientists at Niagara Catholic are challenged to participate in the Board sponsored school Science Fairs. Through topic selection and inquiry, students are encouraged to research areas of interest relating to the field of Science. Junior and Intermediate learners are provided with guidance in their classrooms and independent studies. Students present their projects at school fairs with winners moving on to the Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Religious Program

Niagara Catholic offers many religious and spiritual opportunities for students in the intermediate grades, Grades 7 and 8.

Each spring, Grade 7 students participate in an annual Faith Festival. This event includes a dynamic guest speaker and is intended to help students become more deeply involved in their faith at a critical time in their lives.

Students in Grade 8 have several opportunities to enrich their connection to God and their faith throughout their final year of elementary school.

Each Advent, Grade 8 students come together as a group with their future classmates at a special Mass hosted by their future Catholic secondary school. This is part of Niagara Catholic’s commitment to providing a seamless transition for our students into Grade 9.


Students in Grade 8 prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation of through various activities and conversations about faith with their teachers, parish priests and their elementary chaplaincy leader.

For more than 30 years Niagara Catholic has offered a spiritual retreat experience for grade 8 students. The Journey Retreat (formerly SCOEP) is a one-night, two-day program facilitated by the elementary chaplaincy leader that provides participants with the opportunity to engage in a variety of active and experiential activities that empower and challenge them to discover their own spirituality and personal witness to God revealed in creation, in others, but most importantly, in themselves.

At the end of the second day, parents and the parish priest join the students, teachers and principal for Mass and dinner. After the meal, the students share with guests the many lessons they learned about themselves and their relationship with God.