Christian Community Service

It has been the tradition in the Niagara Catholic District School Board to encourage students to become involved in the community both locally and globally. Elementary and secondary school students actively participate in voluntary Christian Community Service as an experiential component of their religious Education programs.


Hours: A minimum of 10 hours of Christian Community Service per year, each year of secondary school, for a total minimum of 40 hours is the minimum requirement for the graduation diploma. Students will be encouraged to go beyond the 40 hours of service. The Christian Community Service Project will be undertaken during the semester in which a student takes Religious Education, and monitored by the Religion teacher. For students who complete their project outside of the Religious Education Course, approval and monitoring will be provided by the Principal or designate.

Eligible Activities: Any service work for community agencies, churches, service organizations, individuals who are in need, any activity pre-approved by the Principal or designate. Each school will develop its own list of sites/activities eligible for Christian Community Service.