Hospitality and Tourism


Niagara HOST (Hospitality Opportunities for Students in Tourism)

Niagara Catholic is excited to introduce the Hospitality and Tourism Specialist High Skill Major Program to our students.  This program, offered at six locations in the Niagara region, provides focused education and training related to culinary arts, tourism, and hospitality management. Students engage in practical classroom activities and participate in local community events that are inspired by the“flavours” of Niagara such as local fruits, vineyards, wineries, tourist attractions, and international cuisine. A unique component of the program is the location of the Grade 12 Hospitality and Tourism classroom at the Quality Hotel and Conference Centre in St. Catharines, where students learn with staff in an interactive environment.

What Is Hospitality and Tourism Specialist High Skills Major?

Five tourism industries comprise:

  • hospitality and tourism
  • accommodation,
  • food and beverage services,
  • recreation,
  • travel services.

The tourism sector in Niagara is a major source of employment.

Students will achieve sector recognized certifications and training courses to prepare them with specific skills that are required in the industry. Some of the certificates the student will achieve are Basic and Advanced Safe Food Handling and Smart Serve.

Where is Hospitality and Tourism SHSM Offered?

  • Holy Cross Catholic High School (St.Catharines)
  • Lakeshore Catholic High School (Port Colborne)
  • Notre Dame College School (Welland)
  • Denis Morris Catholic High School (St.Catharines)
  • Blessed Trinity Catholic High School (Grimsby)
  • Saint Michael Catholic High School (Niagara Falls)

Need more Information?

  • Visit your guidance department
  • Speak to the teacher in this area
  • Career information go to Ontario Skills Passport