Special Education

The Special Education Department, works with school staff, support staff and the Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) in implementing instructional and assessment strategies, along with assistive technology in all Niagara Catholic elementary and secondary schools.

In addition, we have adopted the following philosophy from a 2005 Ministry of Education report entitled, Education for All – The Report of the Expert Panel on Literacy and Numeracy Instruction for Students with Special Education Needs, Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Inclusive Model of Special Education
The Niagara Catholic District School Board is committed to the inclusion of students with special education needs within their home schools and in their age-appropriate classes. Inclusion is the students feeling of belonging, in a community of learning that honours equality, student diversity and spiritual respect. This commitment is shared with the Special Education Advisory Committee of the Niagara Catholic District School Board.

As a result of this philosophy, the model of program delivery is rooted in a seamless approach to serving students with special education needs from Early Years to graduation. The Niagara Catholic District School Board is also committed to the philosophy that all students within its jurisdiction are provided with the opportunity to access programs, services and supports that will maximize their potential and receive an education commensurate with their identified needs.

Belief 1: All students can succeed
Belief 2: Universal design and differentiated instruction are effective and interconnected means of meeting the learning or productivity needs of any group of students.
Belief 3: Successful instructional practices are founded on evidence-based research, tempered by experience
Belief 4: Classroom teachers are key educators for student’s literacy and numeracy development
Belief 5: Every child has his or her own unique patterns of learning.
Belief 6: The classroom teacher needs the support of the larger community to create a learning environment that supports students with special education needs.
Belief 7: Fairness is not sameness

Special Education Plan

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