Spotlight April 25


April 25, 2017

Committee of the Whole Approves Policies

During the April 25 Board Meeting, Trustees approved one revised Policy.

The Trustee Honorarium Policy (100.11) is available in the Policies section of the Board website for public review.


Shining the Spotlight on St. Mark Catholic Elementary School

St. Mark Catholic Elementary School opened its doors in 2001 to serve a growing need for Catholic education in West Niagara; specifically in Beamsville. Today, 631 students are proud to be “St. Mark Mountain Lions.”

During the April 25 Board Meeting, Principal Steven Ward attended the meeting to share why St. Mark is such a vital part of its community. It was especially fitting that the meeting fell on the day dedicated to the Feast of St. Mark!

In his presentation, Principal Ward talked extensively about the climate of the school; about how faith is truly lived in the classrooms, the schoolyard and in the offices and staff areas. The presentation showcased the many faith-based events at the school each year, including special Advent and Easter family Masses, the Catholic Choir, Rosary Club, Stations of the Cross and participation in the Annual Pilgrimage with Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School.

Principal Ward was joined by Vice-Principal Joseph Romeo, Educational Resource Teacher Emmanuel Roussos and Noah Seca, co-chair of Student Council. Their presentation also focused on the many events and activities designed to bring together home, school and parish, including family movie nights, fun fairs and evenings funded through Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grants.

The school’s EcoTeam is very active. Comprised of the Junior Student Council, the EcoTeam conducts site audits and energy checks, schoolyard cleanup and plants the front garden in the spring. There are also many sports teams and other clubs for students with a wide range of interests to enjoy.

Students say they feel very connected to the school and to Blessed Trinity, as past students frequently return to St. Mark to act as role models for younger students. Students say they leave St. Mark ready for the last stage of their formal education, as students at Blessed Trinity.

To ensure the school’s goals for student achievement are met, all club meetings and activities are scheduled at recess or before or after school. Language and math are taught in uninterrupted blocks of time and there is a commitment to differentiated instruction through engaging student activities. Students and staff also use a diverse range of 21st century technology and teaching tools to ensure that students have all the tools they need to succeed in classrooms and workplaces well into the 21st century.


Trustees Support Name of New Technology Centre

Niagara Catholic has leased the former Target store inside Seaway Mall, to use as a technology centre for students.

During the April 25 Board Meeting, Trustees approved naming the new centre Niagara Launch Centre – Powered by Niagara Catholic District School Board. The name was selected by an Ad Hoc committee comprised of Superintendent of Education Mark Lefebvre, Administrator of Alternative Programs and Community Partnerships Marco Magazzeni, Co-ordinator of Student Success Jennifer Pirosko, Ivana Galante, Consultant-Technological Education/SHSM/OYAP, Construction Technology teacher Joe Sciarra, Manufacturing Technology teacher Mike Stevenson, and students Eric Goss and Jacob Boughton.

In accordance with Policy 100.15, Naming of a Board Facility, Designated Area or Chapel, the committee consulted with a myriad of stakeholders, including local trustees and Chair of the Board, Director of Education John Crocco, the Vice-President of Finance and Administration at Brock University, the Manager of Student Recruitment and Info Centres at Niagara College, the Executive Director of the Niagara Workforce Planning Board, the Business Consultant Organizational Performance Team of Niagara Region, the President of Seaway Mall (Doral Holdings) and staff of the Niagara Launch Centre.

Niagara Launch Centre – Powered by Niagara Catholic District School Board is a facility where students will be engaged in the development of 21st century skills and competencies. Students will be connected with stimulating possibilities presented through technological education, robotics and related activities, which will lead to opportunities for the development of interactive, collaborative, entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills, which will ultimately launch them into promising and lucrative careers.


Monsignor Clancy/St. Charles Catholic Elementary Schools Accommodation Review

On February 28, Niagara Catholic’s Board of Trustees approved the initiation of a Modified Pupil Accommodation Review for Monsignor Clancy and St. Charles Catholic Elementary Schools.

As part of Niagara Catholic’s open and transparent process, the school community was informed of this process on March 1 via a SchoolConnects message, and the Thorold community was advised by a notice in local newspapers. A presentation was made to the joint Catholic School Councils on March 28 to introduce the process, and a public meeting to discuss the amalgamation of the two schools took place on April 20, 2017. The public may view the presentation and the minutes from the March 28 meeting in section C2 of the the April 25 agenda.


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