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Header for SpotlightJanuary 30, 2018

Niagara Catholic Parent Involvement Committee Makes Recommendation to the Board

At its meeting on January 11, members of the Niagara Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (NCPIC), approved a motion to ask the Niagara Catholic Board of Trustees to update the Catholic School Council Policy.

The requested change is to add the following statement: “That each Catholic School Council of the Board is to host an annual Faith Formation for the school community.”

Niagara Catholic has an ongoing, cyclical review of policies, to ensure that they are in continued compliance with Ministry of Education requirements and meet the needs of students and staff. The Catholic School Councils Policy (800.1) was most recently updated in 2017.

Trustees approved NCPIC’s language amendment to the Policy.

2017-2018 Budget Update and Design of System Priorities and Budget 2018-2019 Collaboration Schedule

Each month during Committee of the Whole Meetings, the Director of Education and Senior Staff provide a verbal update to Trustees on the implementation of the annual Board-approved System Priorities and Budget.

Additionally, each January, Senior Administrative Council begins the process to design the following school year’s System Priorities and Annual Budget. The focus of the consultation and collaboration is to ensure the continued achievement of the Board’s Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, its Mission, Vision and Values, the two Strategic Directions and the four goals of the Ministry of Education in providing programs, services and supports to all students.

The Director and Senior Administrative Council continue to be committed to providing Catholic educational excellence through programs and services for all students, and to achieving the Board’s Vision 2020 Strategic Plan and Annual System Priorities through balanced and financially sustainable annual budgets.

Consultation will take place with a variety of groups from January through May 2018. Review the schedule in Section C3 of the January 16 Committee of the Whole Agenda.

System Priorities Mid-Year Achievement Report 2017-2018 Presented to Board

Mid-Year report

Niagara Catholic’s Vision 2020 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board in 2010, which focus on the Board’s two Strategic Directions: Build Strong Catholic Identity to Nurture the Distinctiveness of Catholic Education, and to Advance Student Achievement for All. Every spring, since then, Niagara Catholic has set its System Priorities for the coming year, which include goals set within the seven enabling strategies. In January, Senior Staff report on the progress being made to achieve the enabling strategies within the System Priorities.

Director of Education John Crocco presented the System Priorities Mid-Year Achievement Report 2017-2018 to Trustees during the January 30 Board Meeting, outlining the successes achieved to date this year, and the work still to be completed. Overall, the Board is on target to meet the goals in the enabling strategies. Read the System Priorities Mid-Year Achievement Report 2017-2018 here.



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