Spotlight June 11

Header for SpotlightJune 11, 2019

Policies Recommended

During the June 11 Committee of the Whole Meeting, trustees recommended two policies be referred to the Board for approval:

Community Use of Facilities Policy (800.2) and Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy (302.6.8) will be considered at the June 18 Board Meeting.

Larkin Estate Award Recipients

During the June 11 Committee of the Whole Meeting, trustees received information about the 2019 recipients of the Larkin Estate Award.

The Award was created in 1969, following the death of sisters Maria Eveleen and Aimee Theresa Larkin, who bequeathed funds to the Lincoln County Roman Catholic Separate School Board for a scholarship for students to study nursing or social services work at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, or a college or university offering such a course.

On Tuesday evening, the Board approved $3,825 – the interest earned in the past year on the scholarship fund – be distributed among seven new recipients and 10 renewal applicants.  This year’s new applicants are Logan Ciancio and Regine Hocson from Denis Morris Catholic High School, Kennedy Kish from Notre Dame College School, and Kassandra Miele, Hannah Sawchyn, Hannah Schipper and Stefanie Zuniga from Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School. All 17 of the nursing students will receive $225.

Provincial and National Medallists 2019

It’s that time of the year again – when we look back at the year that was, and honour students who excelled in academics, the arts, athletics and technology. The following groups were recognized at the Committee of the Whole Meeting:

Technological Skills

  • Tyler Rocheleau (Notre Dame College School) – Gold, Skills Ontario Architectural Technology
  • Malcolm VanDenHurk (Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School) – Silver, Skills Ontario, Individual Carpentry
  • Ryan Brady (Denis Morris Catholic High School) – Silver, Skills Ontario, HVAC
  • Connor Davis (Notre Dame College School) – Silver, Skills Ontario, Plumbing
  • Natasha Vahrmeyer (Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School) – Bronze, Skills Ontario, Aesthetics
  • Zack Browne, Tyler Errington, David Papineau, Noah Rotchill (Notre Dame College School) – Bronze, Skills Ontario, Home and Team-Building

Athletics – Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association Championships

  • Women’s Junior 4 with Cox (Denis Morris Catholic High School) – Gold
  • Women’s Senior 4 with Cox (Denis Morris Catholic High School) – Bronze
  • Men’s Jr. 66-kg Quad Scull (Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School) – Silver
  • Men’s Jr. 72-kg Single Scull (Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School) – Silver
  • Men’s Jr. 72-kg Double (Saint Paul Catholic High School) – Gold
  • Men’s Jr. Single 2,000-m (Saint Paul Catholic High School) – Bronze
  • Men’s Jr. Double 2,000-m (Notre Dame College School) – Bronze
  • Women’s Sr. 63-kg Cox Four 2,000-m (Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School) – Bronze

A photo gallery is below.

2019-2020 Annual Budget

Niagara Catholic’s Board of Trustees were presented with the original estimates for the 2019-2020 Annual Budget during the June 11 Committee of the Whole Meeting. The estimates are built on an approximate enrolment of 20,878 students in 2019-2020. The complete report is available in section C2 of the June 11 Committeee of the Whole Meeting agenda. Trustees approved the recommendation to approve the Original Estimates, as presented.

The Board will consider the agenda at the June 18 Board Meeting.

Good News

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