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March 5, 2019

Trustees Recommend Policies

Trustees recommended four policies be considered by the Board for approval during the March 5 Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Progressive Student Discipline – Safe Schools Policy (302.6.9), Death Benefit Policy (201.5), Deferred Salary Plan (X/Y) Policy (201.10) and Employee Leaves of Absence Policy (201.1) will be considered by the Board March 26.

Capital Projects Update

Niagara Catholic currently has two capital projects in development – a $5-million project to renovate and expand Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary School to facilitate the consolidation of St. Charles Catholic Elementary School with Monsignor Clancy, and a $1.5-million renovation to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School to include three child care rooms.

The renovation of Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary School remains in the design stage. Niagara Catholic has submitted a request to the Ministry of Education to proceed to tender request stage.

SpeakOut! Showcase

Every year, Niagara Catholic elementary students spend weeks researching, writing and rehearsing their SpeakOut! speeches, on a wide range of topics. Prior to the March 5 Committee of the Whole Meeting, the top two recipients and the Catholic Messenger Award recipients from each area, delivered their SpeakOut! speeches.

Congratulations to Ciara Wood (Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School Grimsby, Aung San Suu Ki), Zia Amlani (Mary Ward Catholic Elementary School, Why We Shouldn’t Waste Time on Complaining) and Allyson Coholan (St. Philomena Catholic Elementary School, Poverty in Canada) for their first place finishes. They delivered their speeches during the Committee of the Whole Meeting for trustees.

Second place finishes went to Avery Norman (St. Martin Catholic Elementary School, Disney’s Misrepresentation of Girls), Kelly Dela Rosa (St. Mary Catholic Elementary School NF, Sea Pollution) and Daniel Langelaan (St. Alexander Catholic Elementary School, American Sign Language). The 2019 Catholic Messenger Award recipients were Mateo Rego (St. Ann Catholic Elementary School SC, Why People Want to Wear Brand Names), Lola Incaviglia (Assumption Catholic Elementary School, Water) and Ella Schuchard, The Importance of Having a Good Mindset).

Mental Health and Addictions

During the March 5 Committee of the Whole Meeting, Andrea Bozza, the Board’s Mental Health Lead, and Superintendent of Education Lee Ann Forsyth-Sells, provided trustees with an overview of the mental health supports available to students.

The presentation touched on a wide range of ways in which Niagara Catholic strives to promote mental wellness within the school community, including utilizing the SMH (School Mental Health) ASIST program, which supports interventions for students with identified mental health problems. It focuses on three priority areas: Suicide prevention/pathways to care/Implementation of the Suicide Protocol; capacity building, and mental health workers in schools.

It also discussed the expected outcome of additional mental health workers recently hired by Niagara Catholic.

Read the complete report in section C2 of the March 5 Committee of the Whole agenda.

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