Spotlight May 14

Header for SpotlightMay 14, 2019

Policies Recommended

During the May 13 Committee of the Whole Meeting, trustees recommended six policies be referred to the Board for approval.

Employee Hiring and Selection (Teachers) Policy (203.1), Safe Schools Policy (302.6), Student Suspension – Safe Schools Policy (302.6.4), Student Expulsion Policy (302.6.5), Corporate Cards, Purchasing Cards and Petty Cash Policy (600.4) and Financial Investment Policy (NEW) will be considered at the May 28 Board Meeting.

National and Provincial Medalists Presented to Trustees


Leela Benjamin, along with trustee Larry Huibers (left) and Vice-Chair of the Board Dino Sicoli.


The Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School Basketball team, joined by St. Catharines trustee Kathy Burtnik.

During the May 14 Committee of the Whole Meeting, trustees were introduced to student athletes who received medals at OFSAA.

Denis Morris Catholic High School student Leela Benjamin won gold in OFSAA women’s wrestling (115-kg), the Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School Boys Basketball Team won bronze in the AA division at OFSAA, Saint Fransic Catholic Secondary School student Jordan Wylie won bronze in 72-kg women’s wrestling, and fellow Phoenix Aidan Iapicco won silver in the 200-m Mens Open Freestyle swimming event.


2019-2020 System Priorities

In January, Niagara Catholic commenced the consultation process for the 2019-2020 System Priorities and Annual Budget.

As part of the process, members of Senior Administrative Council sought input from 17 groups of Niagara Catholic stakeholders throughout the winter, keeping trustees updated along the way.

The 2019-2020 System Priorities are designed to continue to provide focused initiatives for the Board’s two Strategic Directions: Build Strong Catholic Identity and Community to Nurture the Distinctiveness of Catholic Education, and to Advance Student Achievement for All.

After collating the feedback received, Committee of the whole approved the following System Priorities:

Provide Supports for Success

  • Ensure that the principles of equity and inclusive education with a Catholic context support the needs and potential of all students
  • Enhance career pathway planning and opportunities for all students
  • Support the critical linkage between mental health and well-being and student success

Enhance Technology for Optimal Learning

  • Improve the teaching and learning experience, through access and technology enabled active learning, to include global competencies

Building Partnerships and Schools as Hubs

  • Enhance communication opportunities with parents, partners, schools and community
  • Promote partnerships that align with the merging social service models and needs.

Strengthen Human Resource Practices and Develop Transformational Leadership

  • Enhance key professional development opportunities and resources for staff to build teacher capacity and efficacy for student success
  • Enhance and support staff wellness programs.

Ensure Responsible Fiscal and Operational Management

  • Maintain financial stewardship
  • Address Changing Demographics

Enhance community partners to access space in schools

  • Optimize school utilization throughout the system.

The System Priorities recommended by Committee of the Whole will be considered by the Board at the May 28 Board Meeting.

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