Spotlight May 22

Header for SpotlightMay 22, 2018

Policies Approved

During the May 22 Board Meeting, trustees approved revisions to the Christian Community Service Policy (400.3). Read the revised policy here.

Celebrating School Excellence – Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School


Clergy are also eager participants in the Annual Pilgrimage. Blessed Trinity enjoys a strong relationship with local parish priests, such as Father Ronald Angervil (above).

Every month during the Board meeting, we shine the spotlight on one school or program in our system. This month, the meeting focused on Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School in Grimsby.

Principal Joe Zaroda showcased the many things that make Blessed Trinity such an active and vibrant part of the entire West Niagara community. He spoke about the school’s academic excellence and its ongoing to commitment to student success, and shared many of the events and activities available to students throughout the year.

Creating a positive school culture is one of the keys to Blessed Trinity’s success in West Niagara; including receiving a Premier’s Award for Safe and Accepting Schools. Students participate in many community partnerships including the Rankin Rally, Youth Philanthropy Initiative, Niagara Nutrition Partners Breakfast and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Group, and are empowered to organize events to support these community causes.

In addition, there are many co-curriculars at the school for students to enjoy, including sports teams, music programs and a myriad of clubs, and students from Blessed Trinity Catholic – and its family of schools – are active participants in the Annual Pilgrimage.

System Priorities 2018-2019

The Board of Trustees has approved the System Priorities for 2018-2019. Enhanced communication between home, school and parish, increasing student and parent voice in student achievement and the creation of a system-wide electronic platform to facilitate communication between staff and parents are among the key System Priorities for 2018-2019.

For a complete list of the Board-approved System Priorities for 2018-2019, click here.

Pre-Budget Preview

During the May 22 Board Meeting, Trustees received an information report on the 2018-2019 Annual Budget. The budget, set at an estimated $269 million as presented,was presented as a balanced budget to achieve the Board’s two Strategic Directions, to Build Strong Catholic Identity and Community to Nurture the Distinctiveness of Catholic Education, and to Advance Student Achievement for All, and the Board-approved System Priorities for 2018-2019.

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