Spotlight – May 23, 2017


May 23, 2017

Niagara Catholic 2017-2018 System Priorities Approved by Trustees

During the May 9 Committee of the Whole Meeting, Trustees received a report which provided an overview of the recommended System Priorities for 2017-2018, as well as an overview of the four-month consultation process. The 2017-2018 System Priorities were approved during the May 23 Board Meeting.

Our two Strategic Directions remain the same: Build Strong Catholic Identity and Community and Nurture the Distinctiveness of Catholic Education and Advance Student Achievement for All.

Within these Strategic Directions are seven Enabling Strategies, which have specific goals within. For 2017-2018, these are:

Provide Student Supports for Success

  • Increase student engagement and student voice in student achievement, well-being and mental health awareness
  • Engage in a review of specific programs, pathways, services and supports provided for all students
  • Enhance global competencies and experiential learning for all students

Enhance Technology for Optimal Learning

  • Improve access and use of technology for all students and staff

Building Partnerships and Schools as Hubs

  • Create opportunities for meaningful dialogue, feedback and input from students, parents, staff, pastors and the community
  • Refine brand awareness and communication with stakeholders
  • Enhance and develop wrap-around partnerships with community services

Strengthen Human Resource Practices

  • Enhance professional development for all staff
  • Consolidate Board requirements for the health and safety of staff and students
  • Address regulations regarding data management

Create Equity and Accessibility of Resources

  • Conduct a review of the criteria used in allocation of resources to deliver approved programs, supports and services within Board and School Improvement Plans

Ensure Responsible Fiscal and Operational Management

  • Maintain financial stability through a balanced budget for 2017-2018
  • Achieve Ministry of Education compliance for Grants for Student Needs

Address Changing Demographics

  • Continue to optimize efficiency in capacity utilization in all Board facilities

The complete report is available in section A 6.1 in the May 23 Board Agenda.

Board Approves Policies

During the May 23 Board Meeting, Trustees approved four policies: Monthly Financial Reports Policy (600.3), Employee Workplace Harassment Policy (201.7), Employee Workplace Violence Policy (201.11) and Occupational Health and Safety Policy (201.6).

All Niagara Catholic policies are available to the public on our website.


Shining the Spotlight on St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School


The St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School Choir was a part of the school’s School Excellence Presentation during the May 23 Board Meeting.

Each month during the Board meeting, one school is selected to make a presentation to Trustees about why their school is the indispensable choice in their community.

On May 23, St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School was in the spotlight, and students and staff were excited to share the good news about their school with Trustees.

The presentation was led by Student Senators Megan Edwards and Bianca Sestilli, who were joined by Principal Lori Spadafora, Vice-

Principal Jay Lennox and the Catholic School Council Chair to speak about what St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School means to the west St. Catharines community.

They spoke about the way in which St. Anthony staff work to fulfil the Board’s two Strategic Directions – Build a Strong Catholic Identity and Community to Nurture the Distinctiveness of Catholic Education, and Advance Student Achievement for All.

The school has a partnership with its local parish, St. Mary of the Assumption, which includes celebrating Mass together, preparing for Sacraments and participating in Youth Ministry at the school and parish level. The students and staff have an especially strong bond with their pastor, Father Matthew.

A large part of the presentation was a video that showcased life at St. Anthony, including interviews with students and staff, touching on topics such as the student council, what motivated staff to become teachers, academics, how teachers motivate students to be their best versions of themselves, sports, clubs and the way they celebrate the very special gifts and talents of students.

The presentation ended with a very special performance of A Whole New World by the school choir, adapted to reflect the school community by the school’s Music Director, Mrs. Candeloro.


The 2017-2018 School Calendar is Now Official

The 2017-2018 School Year Calendar is now official! Director of Education John Crocco was notified by the Ministry of Education earlier this month that the calendar approved by the Board has been approved by the Ministry of Education.


New Member Appointed to SEAC

Pina Palumbo, a member of Down Syndrome Caring Parents Niagara, has been approved as an alternate representative to Niagara Catholic’s Special Education Advisory Committee.

Trustees approved the request from the organization during the May 23 Board Meeting.


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