Spotlight May 9, 2017


May 9, 2017

Niagara Catholic 2017-2018 System Priorities

During the May 9 Committee of the Whole Meeting, Trustees received a report which provided an overview of the recommended System Priorities for 2017-2018, as well as an overview of the four-month consultation process.

A number of themes/recommendations were brought up during the consultation process, including:

  • Conducting a climate survey
  • Improving communication
  • Creating a Professional Development Plan
  • Creating stronger partnerships in our communities
  • Engaging Community Resources
  • Promoting Elementary and Secondary Schools as hubs with parents
  • Creating a school renovation/renewal plan
  • Increasing enrolment and retention and;
  • Creating an early identification tool for Kindergarten

These themes will be used to finalize the 2017-2018 System Priorities. The complete report is available in section C3 of the May 9 Committee of the Whole agenda.


Committee of the Whole Recommends Policies

During the May 9 Committee of the Whole Meeting, Trustees recommended the approval of three policies: Employee Workplace Harassment Policy (201.7), Employee Workplace Violence Policy (201.11) and Occupational Health and Safety Policy (201.6).

Trustees will consider the policies during the May 24 Board Meeting.


Capital Projects Updatestmartin

Trustees have received a progress update on two Capital Projects currently under way at Niagara Catholic.

St. Martin Catholic Elementary School in Smithville is nearing completion. Flooring and light fixture installation is under way, and millwork installation is also nearing completion. Painting continues throughout the building, the asphalt top in the parking lot is scheduled to be done later this month, and the lockers are on order and expected to arrive in mid-May.

The $10-million new school will be ready for students in September 2017.

Once the establishment of a fire lane is established at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School in Grimsby, the site plan approval process can be completed and we can move forward with the $4.5-million expansion and renovation to the school. A groundbreaking celebration has been arranged for June 6, 2017.


Monsignor Clancy/St. Charles Catholic Elementary Schools Accommodation Review

On February 28, Niagara Catholic’s Board of Trustees approved the initiation of a Modified Pupil Accommodation Review for Monsignor Clancy and St. Charles Catholic Elementary Schools.

As part of Niagara Catholic’s Open and Transparent Process, the Interim Final Staff Report for the Monsignor Clancy Catholic Elementary School and St. Charles Catholic Elementary School Modified Pupil Accommodation Review was provided to Trustees during the May 9 Committee of the Whole Meeting.

The public still has an opportunity to provide input on the final staff-recommended option, via public delegations before Trustees at a Special Board Meeting at Monsignor Clancy Catholic on May 29.

Review the final report in section C4 of the May 9 Committee of the Whole Agenda.


Festival of Families

Niagara Catholic’s Festival of Families takes place at Saint Michael Catholic High School on May 25. Be a part of this fantastic family event. Check the flyer below for information and we look forward to seeing you there!


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