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Header for SpotlightNovember 13, 2018


Policies Recommended to the Board

During the November Committee of the Whole Meeting, trustees approved three policies be sent to the Board for approval.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy (2016.), Employee Workplace Harassment Policy (201.7) and Employee Workplace Violence Policy (201.11) will be considered at the November 27 Board Meeting.

Proposed Joint-Use School in Wainfleet

schoolpicDuring the November 13 Committee of the Whole meeting, staff presented a report to trustees, which provided details about a proposed joint-use school in Wainfleet.

Niagara Catholic has been investigating the possibility of a joint-use elementary school in Wainfleet since the Niagara Catholic Long-Term Accommodation Plan (2016-2021), was approved by the Board in 2016. At that time, St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School had 111 students, and a projected enrolment of 120 students by the start of this school year. There are currently 87 students enrolled at the school, and although growth is anticipated, it is expected to be less than 70 per cent of the school’s capacity of 187 students.

With no partnership in place at this point, and no interest from community groups to lease underutilized space at St. Elizabeth, Niagara Catholic has the following options to address the declining enrolment at the school. These are:

  • Maintain the status quo
  • Pursue an Attendance Area Review with the nearest Niagara Catholic elementary schools
  • Conduct a study to investigate the reduction of the footprint of St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School to reduce capacity.
  • Conduct a Pupil Accommodation Review and consolidate St. Elizabeth with a neighbouring school, conditional upon Ministry funding. An Attendance Area Review would be required to adjust boundaries.

Niagara Catholic’s preference is to retain a Catholic elementary school presence in Wainfleet through a joint-use school. The complete report, which includes next steps, is available in Section C2 of the November 13 Committee of the Whole Agenda.

Grade 8 and Grade 12 Graduation Survey Results Provided to Trustees

surveysaysCatholic values student voice as a priority to enhance student engagement, student achievement and the well-being of all Niagara Catholic elementary and secondary students. Student Voice surveys are provided to all Grade 8 and Grade 12 students each year. They provide feedback to administrators, teaching and support staff and Board staff  regarding elementary and secondary experiences in Niagara Catholic schools, and also provide data to inform Board and School Improvement Plans for Student Achievement and Well-Being, and evidence for informed decision-making about enrolment, retention and Catholic education.

To date, the following has been completed:

  • System-level highlights presented to Senior Administrative Council
  • Provided elementary and secondary school principals with summary events
  • Provided secondary school principals with a summary of Grade 8 results for their FOS
  • Provided System-level highlights to principals and vice-principals for independent review
  • Presented System-level highlights to secondary Library Technicians

A number of other presentations are ongoing, including sharing results with Student Senate and Board staff, and providing opportunities for conversations to take place within Families of Schools.

Provincial Consultation on Education Reform in Ontario

slideThe provincial government is currently seeking input from citizens about educational reform in Ontario.

In addition to giving stakeholders such as school boards the opportunity to participate, all Ontario citizens are invited to have a say. Earlier this month, Niagara Catholic sent a notice to all staff, inviting them to participate in the survey and Telephone Town Halls, accessed through the main page of the Board website.

The deadline for submissions is December 15.

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