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November 8, 2016

Pilgrimage 2K16 raises $151,000 for Development Projects Around the World


Student representatives from each of our eight Catholic secondary schools attended the November 8, Committee of the Whole Meeting, during which Trustees were provided with information about the 2016 Annual Pilgrimage.

This year’s Pilgrimage raised more than $150,000. This brings the total raised since 1975 to more than $6.7 million

Enjoy photos from this year’s Pilgrimage, and find a list of the programs and projects supported here.


It’s Open House Time at Niagara Catholic!

Niagara Catholic’s Elementary and Secondary School Open Houses will take place in November.

November 23 is our annual Kindergarten Open House and Registration Day, and families who have children turning four in 2017 are invited to register their son or daughter for September 2017 by visiting their local Catholic Elementary School on November 23 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Those who are unable to attend the open house date are welcome to visit the school during normal office hours or by appointment to register their child for slide-kindergarten-open-house-2016Kindergarten or any grade. Please be sure to bring the following documents with you to complete the registration: Your child’s birth certificate, baptism record, Ontario Health Card, proof of immunization and proof of address. To register a non-Catholic children with a Catholic parent, please provide the parent’s baptism certificate to register. The elementary registration form may be filled in online and printed in advance for your convenience, or you may receive a copy when you visit the school. Families new to Niagara Catholic are asked to please fill in the Application for Direction of School Support form (for Catholic families), or a School Assessment Lease, which indicates a non-Catholic ratepayer’s willingness to have their taxes directed to the English-Separate school board (Niagara Catholic).

Catholic Secondary School open houses begin on November 22 with the Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School Grade 8 night, followed by the Denis Morris Catholic, Lakeshore Catholic and Saint Paul Catholic High School open houses November 23 and the Notre Dame College, Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School and Saint Michael Catholic High School Open House November 24. The Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Open House concludes our open houses on November 30. Please click the above links to the schools for more detailed information. The Saint Paul Catholic High School is currently under construction, so please direct any questions to the school by calling 905.356.4313. Make the #NCSmartChoice and remember that #AllAreWelcome at Niagara Catholic. We look forward to making you a part of our family!

Trustees Review Report Regarding Renaming Mother Teresa Catholic 


On September 4, 2016 – almost 19 years to the date of her death in Calcutta on September 5, 1997 – Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa a Saint. The declaration came 11 years (again, almost to the day) that Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School opened its doors in St. Catharines as part of the Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School Family of Schools.

Since September, consultations have taken place at the school level on how best to recognize the Holy Father’s canonization of Mother Teresa. Director of Education John Crocco has consulted with Bishop Bergie regarding potential names for the school, should the school community wishes to have the school re-named.

During the November 8 Committee of the Whole Meeting, Trustees reviewed a report which outlined the results of feedback from the Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School community, which included:

  • Renaming the school
  • Maintaining the status quo, as many feel connected to Mother Teresa as a role model
  • Amending the name of the school
  • Honouring the canonization with a commemorative plaque or banner at the school

They also considered the thoughts and concerns of the school community, including the cost required to change letterhead and other school items, confusion with St. Theresa school, and allowing current Grade 8 students to graduate as the final class of Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School.

The next step in the process will be to acknowledge the feedback provided by the school and to move forward, in consultation with the principal, in developing a plan to address any potential name changes.

Annual Reports for Catholic School Councils and Niagara Catholic Parent Involvement Committee Now Completed

According to the Education Act, schools across Ontario are required to have a School or Parent Council. At Niagara Catholic, these organizations are known as Catholic School Councils, and each one is required to submit an annual report summarizing their membership, meeting dates, goals, achievement, use of provincially provided funding and a financial statement. Please read the report – A 6.3 – in the November 8 agenda.

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