Spotlight October 11


October 11, 2016



Trustees Receive Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being

During the October 11 Committee of the Whole Meeting, Trustees received a copy of the Niagara Catholic Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being (BIPSAW).

This Plan has been developed to support the continuous improvement of achievement and well-being for all Niagara Catholic students.

The BIPSAW has been provided to all schools to support the School Improvement Planning process, and is available on the Board website.


Capital Projects Update

Niagara Catholic has two schools currently under construction: The $10-million new St. Martin Catholic Elementary School in Smithville, and a $4.4-million addition to Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School in Grimsby.

Storm sewers have been completed at St. Martin Catholic Elementary School, and water service installation is complete. The new St. Martin Catholic Elementary School is scheduled to open in Spring 2017.

A preliminary design meeting was held with school administration at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School and a consultation meeting has taken place with the Town of Grimsby. A further meeting with the Region of Niagara is scheduled to address the child care addition.

We will continue to provide updates on these projects throughout the year.


Niagara Catholic Adopts Google Apps for Education

In January, Niagara Catholic’s Board of Trustees endorsed the Technology Blueprint 2016-2020, which provides a roadmap for technology infrastructure spending to support student learning and the corporate side of operations.

Prior to this Blueprint being presented and adopted, the Education Technology Services Department (ETS) successfully piloted the use of Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

In moving to cloud-based platforms, ETS has created more than 25,000 accounts for students and staff, enabling them to use the GAFE suite of products. This suite includes a word processing program (Docs), presentation tool (Slides), a spreadsheet tool (Sheets), an email account through Gmail and unlimited file storage on the Google Drive.

Each user has his or her own account used to log in to Google. Students and staff experience an ad-free digital experience that retains their bookmarks, regardless of the device used.

A major advantage of GAFE is that ETF staff are able to manage the platform from the Network Centre. The platform operates seamlessly on the Chromebooks which are available in all Niagara Catholic schools.

Learn more about the Technology Blueprint 2016-2020 here.


Good News!

Have you checked out the Good News section of the Board website lately? If not, you’re missing some great stories and photos about our students. Be sure to check it out often to keep up to date on the fantastic things happening in our schools and across the system.


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