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Builder Approved for St. Martin Catholic Elementary School

During the October 27 Board Meeting, trustees approved hiring Brouwer Construction to construct the new St. Martin Catholic Elementary School.

A groundbreaking for the $10.3-million new school, being built to replace the aging exisiting one and to accommodate growth in west Niagara, will take place later this year.

Niagara Catholic Students, Schools, Recognized at Father Fogarty Dinner

Owen PasinckyEDIT

Lakeshore Catholic High School graduate Owen Pasincky, accepting his award at the Father Fogarty Dinner Oct. 24.

Each year, the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario (CEFO) holds the Father Fogarty Awards, which recognizes the achievements and contributions of Catholic educators and honours the recipients of the CEFO Student Award. This award recognizes one graduating student from Catholic secondary school in Ontario.

In addition, two Niagara Catholic schools received Michael Carty Awards during the celebration: St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School was recognized for its partnership with St. Mary of the Assumption Church, and Saint Michael Catholic High School, which was recognized for facilitating partnerships with parishes in Niagara Falls.

The St. Anthony project is called God’s True Love, Alive in the Mass, which is intended to strengthen the family’s love and understanding of the Eucharistic Celebration. It includes a four-part video series which will be shown in February, called Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed. This video series, aimed at teens, is designed to provoke thought and engage conversations, dispel myths and inspire souls to a deep love for the Mass. St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School received $800 for this initiative.

The Saint Michael project is called Adopt Your Parish.  The project is aimed at enhancing student involvement in our parishes.  In this school year, Saint Michael Grade 10 students will visit Saint Thomas More Church, attend a Mass, a tour of the church and listen to speakers from parish ministries.  This experience intends to inform students of the service opportunities at their parishes and inspire them to take on a leadership roles. Saint Michael Catholic High School received $500 for this project.

Congratulations to all!

Builder Approved for St. Martin Catholic Elementary School

The 2015 Awards took place in Toronto on Saturday, October 24. This year’s student winners from Niagara Catholic were:

Nicholas Shields (Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School), Alanna Piech (Denis Morris Catholic High School), Aaron Ferretti (Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School), Owen Pasincky (Lakeshore Catholic High School), Alex DiPaola (Notre Dame College School), Fiona Peiris (Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School), Juliana Peralta (Saint Michael Catholic High School and Claudia Santini-Visca (Saint Paul Catholic High School).

Niagara Catholic Recognized for Efforts to Alleviate Poverty

The Niagara Poverty Reduction Network (NPRN) has recognized Niagara Catholic – and the Board’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Deb Ogilvie – for its “commitment to reducing poverty in Niagara.”

In a letter addressed to the Board from NPRN Chair Elizabeth Zimmerman and Vice-Chair Willy Noiles, Niagara Catholic is commended for “not only talking the talk about poverty reduction,” but also walking the walk through in-class activities and allocating Mrs. Ogilvie to sit on Boards such as the NPRN to discuss ways to make Niagara a stronger community for all.

Reporting a Child’s Absence? Changes Under Way at Niagara Catholic Schools

Last spring, Niagara Catholic piloted a new way of reporting student absences at our school, through the Synrevoice system, in two Catholic elementary schools and two Catholic high schools. This is the system used to contact parents at home with important messages from the school or Board.

Many schools have already begun the process of switching to the new Safe Arrival system, while others have yet to come online.  All schools will use the new system by the end of 2015.

The Safe Arrival System makes it possible for parents to report planned absences, and to ensure that unplanned absences due to illness are reported in a timely fashion. Parents and guardians will have the option of calling a  number or logging onto a website to report their child’s absence, which will be recorded by the school. An app is also available so parents can report absences while on the go. Absences that have not been reported will generate a phone call, text message or email to parents to advise them their child was not in class as scheduled.

Your child’s school will advise you when the new Safe Arrival System will be implemented and will provide you with a handy card with the website and phone information.

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