St. Ann Fenwick Students Learn About Opportunities in Technology

Grade 7 and 8 students at St. Ann Fenwick grade  visited the New Innovation Centre, located at the former Target Store at the Seaway Mall December 9, to learn about opportunities that are available to them in technology programs when they move on to Notre Dame College School for high school.

Joe Sciarra and Dino Nardangeli, the Construction teachers, and Mike Stevenson, the Manufacturing Teacher, introduced the facility and explained the programs to the students.  The students then had to opportunity to participate in two activities. One  allowed the students to explore the construction technology program.  Each student built a Smartphone stand to charge their phones.

In the second activity, students explored the manufacturing technology program with an opportunity to try welding.  Students from Lakeshore Catholic High School and Notre Dame currently enrolled in the Technology program led the lessons with the Grade 7s and 8s, guiding the students on how to use the tools and equipment.

Once the activities were completed, the students then watched a video of Niagara Catholic’s 2016 Technology Skills Competition.  The students were then treated to a lunch before being bused to Notre Dame College School for a friendly game of basketball.

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