St. Denis Students Turn Trash into Treasure



Earlier this year, staff at St. Denis Catholic Elementary School had an idea: What if students gathered up cup lids – thousands and thousands of cup lids – and turned them into something beautiful to decorate the school yard?

The plastic lid campaign started in February and ran for nine weeks. At the end of each week, each classroom’s bin was collected by students and counted. These totals were then displayed weekly on the Eco Bulletin Board for the whole school to see.  By the end of the collection period, approximately 14, 000 plastic lids were collected, washed and sorted by colour.

The design for the mural was created by Grade 8 student Jennifer Kujani.  She and classmates Jena Cameron and Brigilda Avullija placed the plastic lids on a single sheet of plywood. Once all of the lids were in place, they were screwed to the plywood to create the finished design. The piece will be posted on the schoolyard fence, facing onto Lake Street, next week.

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