Students in Dominica Share Video About Faith in Our Future

boyschurchThe Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association’s annual Faith in Our Future Video contest is currently under way. This contest asks students to consider the role Catholic education has had in their lives; the way it has shaped them as thinkers and as citizens of not only their school communities, but their neighbourhood, city, province, country and the world.

Niagara Catholic currently has 12 students in Dominica, as part of the Niagara Catholic International Co-operative Experience Program. The students, from a variety of Niagara Catholic secondary schools, recently put together a video for the Faith in Our Future Campaign, showing the way in which Catholic education – and their experience in Dominica – has enriched their lives to become bigger thinkers and more compassionate human beings.

We encourage you to watch the video and see how this very dynamic program, which is unique to Niagara Catholic, impacts the lives of students.

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